This course is discontinued

The grading results published in Studentweb last week, is the result of the total grade. This is the grade which will appear on your diploma. The assignment will count 60% of the total grade and the 4 hour written examination counts 40%. You are not entitled to be given the results of your separate exams (paper and 4-hour written exam).

However, Bård Anders will as en extra service give each student a short comment of his/hers paper in Fronter, published from 10 May (you will not receive your separate grade for the paper). For the 4-hour exam you will not be given any separate grade or any comment.

May 2, 2011 5:21 PM

Grading result - contact info:

Graders for the 4-hour examination was Bård Anders Andreassen and Dan Banik. Students may contact one of them in order to have the result and/or grounds for the grade (NB! the total grade, not the separate exams). Candidates can send an e-mail or phone. Students must ask for grounds and/or grading result within one week after the posting of the grading result.

Contact details Bård Anders Andreassen: E-mail: Telephone: 22 84 20 03

Contact details Dan Banik: E-mail: Dan Banik: Telephone: 22 85 87 35

If you wish to file a complaint, this must be done within three weeks after the posting of the result. Notice! If you wish to file a complaint, the two parts of the examination (both paper and 4-hour examination) are sent for new grading.

Apr. 30, 2011 6:07 PM

Exam results for HUMR 5701 are delayed:

The exam results in HUMR5701 (Development) are delayed. The results will be published on 29 April in Studentweb.

Apr. 26, 2011 1:14 PM