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This course has jointly taught classes with KRIM2960 – Green Criminology. See this course's semester page for schedule and messages.


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To further specify the "Decision on the completion of exams, spring 2020" enacted by the Dean on March 16, 2020.

The decision regarding the grading system does not pertain to elective courses in Criminology and Sociology of Law (courses with KRIM or RSOS code). Students attending courses at Departement of Criminology and Sociology of Law (IKRS) will receive information about all exams directly from the faculty and IKRS.

IKRS would also like to emphasize that this semesters drafting and evaluation of exams will take the challenges caused by the corona-virus into regard.



For å komplementere dekanvedtak (16.mars 2020) vedrørende gjennomføring av eksamen våren 2020:

Institutt for kriminologi og rettssosiologi (IKRS) foretar ingen endringer i karaktergivningen, og karakterskalaen A-F opprettholdes for alle emner som tilbys ved instituttet.

Videre vil IKRS også informere om a...

Mar. 20, 2020 9:42 PM

Please take note: There are no changes regarding the grading system. Grades are still awarded on a scale from A to F.

Mar. 19, 2020 10:44 PM