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Reading Assignments Refugee & Asylum Law Spring 2009



February 4th- Cecilia Bailliet

Introduction- Structure of Refugee Law
Required Reading: Goodwin-Gill & McAdam: Chapters 1 & 2  

Universal Sources of Law- 

1. Refugee Law

Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees of 28 July 1951 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees of 28 July 1967 UN Declaration of Territorial Asylum of 1967 UN Resolutions/EXCOM (see Goodwin-Gill Annex 3, browse)

2. Human Rights Law

UN Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 (Articles 13, 14 & 15) UN Convention Against Torture of 1984 (Articles 1,2 & 3) CCPR & CESCR

3. Humanitarian Law

Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of 12 August 1949 (Common Article 3) Protocols I & II


February 6, 11 & 13th -Cecilia Bailliet

Who is a Refugee- Evolutionary Trends

Required Reading:

Goodwin-Gill & McAdam: Chapter 3

Examination of UN Definition

Traditional Definition- Outside of Country of Nationality

H.Cameron Subjective Fear paper (pdf)

R. Thomas Country Reports paper (pdf)

Burden of Proof: Gorlick Paper - [pdf]
Administrative Detention Standards - [pdf]
Internal Flight Alternative - [pdf]

Persecution by whom? State v. Non-State Agents, Adequate and Effective Protection by the State

Gunn Paper on Religion - [pdf]

Note on Racial Profiling - [pdf]

Required Cases:

Canadian IRB Religion Case - [rtf]

BERNARD LUKWAGO a/k/a MELVIN HAFT, Petitioner v. JOHN ASHCROFT, No. 02-1812 - [pdf]

Otuñez-Tursios v. Ashcroft, U.S. Attorney General, 303 F. 3rd 341 U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit (2002) - [pdf]

Nigist Shoafera v. INS, 2000 US App. LEXIS 31361 (9th Cir. 2000) - [pdf]

Rios & Rios v. Ashcroft, Attorney General, 287 F. 3rd 895 (2002) - [pdf]

Maras - [pdf]

Maras II - [pdf]

Required Instruments:
1951 Geneva Convention, Article 1 A & B 1967 Protocol Article 1


Feb. 25th: Cecilia Bailliet 

Gender & Sexual Identity issues in Refugee Law


Audrey Macklin, “Cross-Border Shopping for Ideas: A Critical Review of United States, Canadian and Australian Approaches to Gender-Related Asylum Claims” in 13 Geo. Immigr. L.J. 25 (Fall, 1998) - [pdf]

Nicole La Violette, Gender-Related Refugee Claims: Expanding the Scope of the Canadian Guidelines, 19 International Journal of Refugee Law July 2007 - [pdf]

Required Cases:
Department of Justice, Board of Immigration Appeals Decision In Re Fauziya Kasinga, June 13, 1996, 35 ILM 1145 (1996) (United States) - [pdf]

Pitcherskaia v. INS, No. 95-70887, United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, 118 F 3rd. 641, June 24, 1997 Filed. - [pdf]

Hernandez –Montiel v.I.N.S., United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Aug. 24 (2000) – [pdf]

EU Definition of Refugee
Treaty of Rome establishing ICC
EXCOM Nos. 64 & 39
UNHCR Guidelines on the application of the 1951 Convention to victims of trafficking


Feb 27th and Mar 4th Cecilia Bailliet

 Exclusion & Cessation Clauses

Required Reading:

Goodwin-Gill & McAdam Chapter 4

1951 Convention Article 1 C & F

Yong-Guieco Case (pdf)

Ashghedom Case [pdf]



Mar. 6th  Cecilia Bailliet

Non-Refoulement Theory

Required Reading:
Goodwin-Gill & McAdam: Chapters 5 and 6

Required Instruments:
Articles 31,32,33 of the 1951 Convention,
Article 7 of the ICCPR,
and Article 3 Convention against Torture

Required Cases:

Tahir Hussain Khan v. Canada, Committee against Torture, Communication No. 15/1994,U.N. Doc. A/50/44 at 46 (1995)

Hilal v. United Kingdom, Judgment of 6 March 2001, App. No. 45276/99 European Court of Human Rights - [pdf]



Mar. 11th  The Common European System and Complementary Protection Cecilia Bailliet

Required Reading:

Goodwin-Gill & McAdam Chapter 7

Required Instruments:

European Minimum Standards for Qualification of Third Country
Nationals as a Refugee
European Convention on Human Rights (art. 3)



Mar. 13th Cecilia Bailliet

Expanded Definitions: Latin America- The Cartagena Declaration and the link between human rights protection and refugee law

Required Instruments:

American Convention on Human Rights 1969 (Article 5 & 22)
American Declaration on the Rights and Duties of Man (Article 8 & 27)
Cartagena Declaration on Refugees 1984
San Jose Declaration on Refugees and Displaced Persons - [pdf]

Maria Fernandes case - [pdf]

Into American convention on violence against women
Moiwana Community v. Suriname, Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Judgment February 8, 2006 – [pdf]

Asylum Claims from Africa

Reading: Okoth Obbo paper - [pdf]

Required Instruments:

Modise v. Botswana

African Protocol on the Rights of Women

og Cairo Declaration on Human Rights
OAU Convention governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa (1969)
Principles Concerning the Treatment of Refugees 1966
African Charter on Human and People’s Rights 1981 (Arts. 5, 12 & 23)



Mar. 18th Class Debate: Interdiction of Refugees at Sea

Read Goodwin-Gill and McAdam: Chapter 7

One half of the class will represent the
Inter-America Commission of Human Rights, The Haitian Centre for Human Rights et. al.  v. United States, Case 10.675, Report No. 51/96 (1997)

The other half will represent the US Supreme Court, Sale v. Haitian Ctrs. Council,  113 S. Ct. 2549, 125 L (92-344), 509 U.S. 155 (1993) - [pdf]

1951 Convention Arts. 31 and 33


Mar. 20th Cecilia Bailliet: Protecting Displaced Persons in Situations of Conflict & Environmental Refugees


Prosecutor v. Krstic, ICTY, 2 August 2001 - [pdf]
UN Report on the Fall of Srebernica


Hugo Story Article - [pdf]
Article on Persecution in War
Article on Environmental Refugees - [pdf]
Bailliet Jus Ad Bellum - [pdf]


Mar. 25th

Documentary film: ”Well-Founded Fear”

Mar. 27th

Documentary film: “God grew tired of us”
1951 convention, Articles 2-27


April 1st Cecilia Bailliet

Review of Mock Exam