Syllabus/achievement requirements


  • Scandinavian Maritime Law - the Norwegian perspective (3rd edition, Oslo 2011) - Thor Falkanger, Hans Jacob Bull and Lasse Brautaset:

Chapter 1. Introduction, pp 23-44

Chapter 3. Ship control and Classification, pp 72-88

Chapter 6. Mortgages, Enforcement Liens Maritime Liens and Rights of Retention, pp 123-143

Chapter 8. Liability, pp 167-185

Chapter 9. Limitation of Shipowners’ Liability, pp 187-201

Chapter 10. Oil Pollution and Environmental Liability, pp 203-224

Chapter 11. Liability for Collisions, pp 226-240

Chapter 19. Salvage, pp 472-490

Chapter 20. General Average, pp 492-498

Chapter 21. Marine Insurance – Overview and General Questions, pp 500-532

Chapter 22. The individual Types of Insurance, pp 534-569

Chapter 23. Investigation of Marine Accidents, pp 571-579

  • Compendium: Articles; JUS5402 Maritime Law: Liability & Insurance, 218 p, Sjørettsfondet (Available at the online bookstore Audiatur and the University bookstore Akademika (ground floor Domus Nova))


  • Maritime Law - Case-collection, 12 Nordic maritime cases translated into English

  • Articles related to chapters in Scandinavian Maritime Law, 3rd edition 2011, Falkanger, Bull, Brautaseth:

H Bull: Limitation funds and Regulation (EC) 1346/2000 on Bankruptcy, SIMPLY 2006, pp 81-101, Chp 9

Erdal: Legal implications of security assignment, Marius 365, 92 p, Chp 6

Falkanger: Maritime liens on Cargo, SIMPLY 2002, pp 86-113, Chp 6

Falkanger: Mortgages on Ships according to Norwegian Law, SIMPLY 2000, pp 3-39, Chp 6

Ringås: The Bunker convention, SIMPLY 2008, pp 277-344, Chp 10

Røsæg: Compulsory maritime insurance, SIMPLY 2000, pp 179-208, Chp 10 (18)

Røsæg: Misapprehension of peril in salvage, SIMPLY 2004, pp 1-44, Chp 19

Røsæg: War and terrorism exceptions, SIMPLY 2005, pp 167-198, Chp 10 (18)

Wetterstein: Pollution from vessels, jurisdiction and law, Marius 325, p 37, Chp 10

Wetterstein: The principles of limitation and sharing of liability, Marius 283, pp 93-114, Chp 9

Zhu: International Convention on Civil liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, in Besedow, Pollution of the sea, pp 171-183, Chp 10

General supporting material

Ringbom/Røsæg: Liability and compensation with regard to places of refuge, final report, October 2004:

Ringbom: You are welcome, but… Places of refuge, SIMPLY 2004, pp 137-182

Røsæg: Implementing conventions, SIMPLY 2009, pp 167-200

Sørensen: Places of refuge, Marius 326, p 80

Shawell: Accident law alt I, Foundations of economic analysis of law, pp 175-282

Shawell: Accident law alt II, Foundations of economic analysis of law, pp 175-223

AUXILIARY MATERIALS (can be used during the exam in Maritime Law)

  • Documents used in Shipping - Materialsamling i sjørett -, Sjørettsfondet 2010 (or earlier editions).

  • Materialsamling i sjørett-Collection of documents in Maritime Law 2012 (or later editions)

NOTE: Due to wrong information regarding the number of the 2010 edition of the Documents used in shipping in storage, we had to publish a new edidition for autumn 2012.

The name of the new compendium of 2012 is: Materialsamling i sjørett /Collection of documents in maritime law 2012.

Both the 2012 and 2010, but also older versions of the compendium are allowed to be used during the exams.

The 2012 edition has an additional contract to the 2010 edition. Those who have bought the 2010 edition, can print out the TBL-Ship repair Contract 1985, revised 1997

Important!To be able to use the Ship repair contract on the exam you’ll have to have a version stamped by the institute. Note! A stamped version of the contract will be handed out at the lecture on 25 September.

  • The Norwegian Maritime Code of 24 June 1994 no. 39 and later amendments, edition 2010, - published in MarIus number 393, Sjørettsfondet (or earlier/later editions).

  • Norwegian Marine Insurance Plan, 2010 Sjørettsfondet. Notice! The earlier announced joint Nordic Marine Insurance plan will not be ready to be used in lectures for the autumn semester 2012. The Norwegian plan from 2010 will be used at this course and a student version are available at the Petroleum Law Departement in Domus Media. You will get the Plan at the reception office. You will be asked to show your student card and write your contact information on a list. The online bookstore Audiatur will send you an invoice to your contact address (preferably email).

How to purchase the mandatory and auxiliary material?

The main book Scandinavian Maritime Law - the Norwegian perspective (3rd edition, Oslo 2011) can be purchased in any big book store in Oslo, also available in online bookstores.

The compendiums/auxiliary material used at the course Maritime Law - Contracts; are published by Sjørettsfondet (Maritime Law Foundation). The material published by Sjørettsfondet are available through the Internet bookstore Audiatur and the student bookstore Akademika (ground floor of the building Domus Nova).

How to purchase material through Audiatur

In the right upper corner you will find the word SØK = Search field - here you can write the title of the edition you want to buy.

Order in the net store (if you read Scandinavian language) or send an email directly to Audiatur:, or contact them by phone: 9706 9965 (they do read and speak English)

Note! A student edition of the Norwegian Marin Insurance Plan can be purchased at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, the Petroleum Law Department (10am-15pm), Domus Media, 2nd floor. The student edition of the Norwegian Marin Insurance Plan is only available to students who are registered at the course in Maritime Law. The student edition is not sold through Audiatur! The Norwegian Marin Insurance Plan can else be bought at CEFOR

The literature and the exam

Exams will always be given on the basis of the newest edition of the literature and auxiliary materials that are available at the beginning of each semester. But you are allowed to use older editions of the auxiliary material at the exams. It is the students’ responsibility to keep themselves updated on the newest editions.

Syllabus / Achievement requirements

The students are required to have solid knowledge and ability to discuss legal problems in regard to the rules on:

  • Ship control and classification
  • General rules on liability in shipping
  • Vicarious liability
  • Limitation of liability.
  • Oil pollution liability
  • Collision liability
  • SalvageMarine insurance

The students are required to have knowledge of and ability to use the rules on:

  • Mortgages, maritime liens, retention and arrest
  • General average
  • Maritime inquiries

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