Previous exam papers for JUR1530 and JUS5530 - Refugee and Asylum Law

This course changed course code from JUR5530 to JUS5530 spring 2012. The change resulted in a reduction in credits from 15 to 10, but the learning requirements remained the same.

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Previous exam papers for JUR1530 and JUR5530

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You are the legal advisor to UNHCR’s Americas Office. The Government of Panama has sent notice that due to concern for security interests (They fear that FARC terrorists flee with civilians) and damage to the environment as a result of the continuous influx of asylum seekers from Colombia, it has determined that there are grounds for a closure of the borders under a state of necessity.  You have been asked to draft a response identifying whether or not UNHCR finds such action to be appropriate under international law and to offer suggestions for alternative actions. 


  1. International Convention on the Status of Refugees
  2. Cartagena Declaration
  3. Articles on State Responsibility
  4. Inter American Convention Against Terrorism
  5. American Convention on Human Rights
  6. NHCR Country Plan for Panama
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