Syllabus/achievement requirements



  • Good understanding of sources and methods of international criminal law.
  • Good understanding of basic requirements for punishment under international criminal law: principle of legality, actus reus, mens rea and defences.
  • Good understanding of the main categories of crimes under international law: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression.
  • Knowledge of rules of jurisdiction, immunity, procedure and evidence.


Through study of cases from International Criminal Tribunals, students are able to assess whether a fact pattern fits the criteria for prosecution under international criminal law as well as explain the limitations of prosecution possibilities in light of other factors. Students are able to explain legitimacy dilemmas confronting the ICC and the function of the principle of complementarity. Students should be able to apply their knowledge in jobs within the Ministry of Justice, international tribunals, law firms, and NGOs.




Text book:

Antonio Cassese: International Criminal Law, Oxford 2013

Selected articles:

T. Meron, The Continuing Role of Custom in the Formation of International Humanitarian Law, in Meron, War Crimes Law Comes of Age (Oxford University Press, 1998), pp. 262-277 (or Theodor Meron, The Continuing Role of Custom in the Formation of International Humanitarian Law, American Journal of International Law (1996) 90(2), pp. 238-249).


Martti Koskenniemi, Between Impunity and Show Trials, Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law (2002) (6), pp. 1-35.


Anthony D’Amato, Peace vs. Accountability in Bosnia, American Journal of International Law (1994) (88), pp. 500-506.


Kelly D. Askin, Comfort Women - Shifting Shame and Stigma from Victims to Victimizers, International Criminal Law Review (2001) 1(1/2), pp. 5-32.


Articles (and books ) are available online through the University Library ( You can not search for chapters in a book, only book titles.





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