This course is discontinued


Published Apr. 14, 2016 9:12 AM

I have been informed that some of you have experienced difficulty with locating one of the course material articles, namely Amelia Boss, “Electronic Contracting: Legal Problem or Legal Solution”, in United Nation, Harmonised Development of Legal and Regulatory Systems for E-commerce in Asia and the Pacific, 2004, Part II, Chapter IV, pp. 125-148 (24 pages). I have taken note of this.


For the purposes of your mid-term paper, may I remind you that there is a wealth of information available at the University library, in particular via the University's online journal subscriptions and other resources. Another useful resource is the database on "Law" in the Social Science Research Network ( These are just a few examples.

I trust this will be helpful. Best of luck with your mid-term paper!


Kind regards,

Emily M. Weitzenboeck 

Published Mar. 9, 2016 3:47 PM

If you have questions regarding the 4-hour exam and the “regulations for support materials” you are welcome to drop by and speak with student advisors, 26 April, from 13.00- 14.00 in Auditorium 5, 2 th.floor, Domus Academica. We recommend that you read carefully all information and the FAQ regarding the “guidelines for the 4 hour written examination” posted on the course website. You may at any time drop by at the Info-center in Domus Academica (10- 15) if you have questions, and make sure you have provided the relevant support material for the exam in due time before your exams take place.

Published Mar. 7, 2016 9:19 AM

Due to an unexpected event the lecture of March is postponed to 11.03.

See updated time table with new time and rooms for 10 and 11 March (

due to sound checks at the University Square)

Published Feb. 1, 2016 2:52 PM

Please note that the lecture of 3 March is postponed to 8. March, 08:15, the timetable is updated.