Learning outcomes - JUS5911

Achievement requirements


During this course, students will acquire a good understanding of the following topics based on the literature, lectures and case studies:

  • Foundations and sources of international climate and energy law.
  • Principles of international climate: Common But Differentiated Responsibility and Respective Capabilities, Sustainable Development, Precautionary Principle, Polluter Pays Principle, Sovereignty, Jurisdiction
  • Implementation, enforcement and non-compliance procedures
  • Main legal issues related to the international climate change regime (in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement), including on carbon markets, finance and loss and damage
  • Main issues related to the regulation of renewable energy (access to natural resources, energy production, transportation, supply and consumption patterns)
  • The issues of climate change, energy security, sustainable development and human rights
  • The relationship between international trade and investment rules and international climate & energy law.

Within some of these topics a case study is used as a point of departure for a thorough examination of a specific issue. The cases will be presented at appropriate times during the course, and relevant material will be handed out.

The course will mainly have public international law components, but will also include some comparative studies.


  • Ability to analyse and compare core norms and rules of the international climate regime
  • Skills in finding legal sources relevant to the climate and energy legislation
  • Ablity to analyse conflict potential between different norms (both in climate and in energy law)
  • Engage in discussions about such conflicting norms and assess potential solutions

General competence

  • Understanding of the political and economic context of norms in international climate law and in energy law
  • Make use of legal analysis of these norms in:
    • the study of other fields of law (e.g. human rights law, international trade law, investment law)
    • the analysis, drafting and interpretation of national legislation 
  • Understanding of complexity, scientific uncertainty and cost effectiveness in the regulation of renewable energy sources

Readinglist in Leganto

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