Transatlantic University Collaboration in Climate Change and Energy Law

The course JUS5911 is offered as part of a pilot project in cooperation between three universities: the University of Oslo (Norway), the University of Denver (USA) and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).

The project, called Transatlantic University Collaboration in Climate Change and Energy Law (TUCCCEL), is receiving a three-year external grant from the Erasmus+, Jean Monnet Programme of the European Union.

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The main content of the course in relation to international climate and energy law remains identical to JUS5911, but the comparative study of the legal responses to climate change and the energy transition is strengthened.

This first-of-its-kind course includes several innovative teaching and learning components:

  • During nine two-hour simultaneous video conferencing sessions, the professors will lecture about international/EU/US climate and energy law. They will analyse and compare the climate change- and energy transition-related policies, laws, and practices with concrete examples from Denmark/Colorado/Norway.
  • During the semester-long course, students will work in small groups (mix of all three universities) on a written assignment consisting in a legal recommendation paper (half part of the grade).
  • Spring 2020: Students will meet in person with their peers in Denver two days in week no. 15 (6-11 April 2020), and together in their “team” present their paper to each other and then to U.S. climate change and energy law experts.
    • The best paper will be selected for publication at that occasion.
    • The in-person gathering will be capped with a field trip to Golden, Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.
    • All expenses related to the Denver and U.S. field trip (travel, accommodation and food) will be covered by the Jean Monnet Programme.
  • The second half part of the grade will consist in a short written exam at each university.

In 2019, the in-person gathering took place in Copenhagen. In 2021, it will happen in Oslo.

Selection procedure

The TUCCCEL project only allows the participation of 15 students from each university. In order to select the 15 participating students from Oslo, interested candidates will be asked to submit a letter of motivation on Canvas. Other students have the possibility of following the course and take the exam as usual.

Spring 2020: Motivation letter must be submitted in Canvas by 27 January. The results of the selection procedure will be announced on Wednesday 29 January.

An information meeting about the course will be organised on Wednesday 22 January 2020, 9.15am-10.00am.

The video conferencing lectures will start on Monday 3 February.

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