Syllabus/achievement requirements


(Responsible teacher; Førsteamenuensis dr.juris Giuditta Cordero Moss)

A good understanding of the following topics is required:

- The system of legal sources applicable to international commercial transactions: International conventions, national law (and the role of private international law to determine the governing law), commercial practice and other forms of lex mercatoria.

- Structure, interaction and content of the legal sources in the various phases of a commercial transaction: negotiations, execution of the contract. Financing, performance, dispute resolution.

- The relationship between the contractual regulation and mandatory rules of law, in the fields of competition, import-export regulation, company law and other areas that affect commercial transactions.

These questions will be illustrated by examples based on typical international transactions. In connection therewith, konwledge of the following topics is required:

- Typical obligations in contracts of sale, licence, agency, transportation, cooperation (equity and non-equity),

- Financing,

- Methods of payment.


Required Reading (Hovedlitteratur)

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Cordero Moss, G., "Lectures on International Commercial Law",stensilserie no. 16, Institute of Private Law, University of Oslo. 116p.

Supplementary Reading (Støttelitteratur)

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Moss, G.C., "Conventions and Other Material on International Commercial Law", to be purchased at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, University of Oslo

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