We've just crashed on an strange planet, in a strange solar system

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StarDate: 197684.54

A few weeks ago we woke up in a bit of a pickle. Our cryo-pods woke us up in what remained of our crashed spaceship, on a strange planet, in a strange solar system.

Bildet kan inneholde: vann, blad, organisme.

We were originally part of a mission tasked with exploring a solar system that had shown signs of habitable planets, but at some point during our long interstellar journey something must have gone horribly wrong and we've ended up in this new place we have to call home for now.


Luckily this planet has a hospitable atmosphere, mineral/ore deposits, and even trees!


Most of our crew passed in the crash, only we lived. We were part of the engineering team, I am Jarl-Robin and my colleague is Iver, luckily we had a broad knowledge of engineering and managed to set up a base we could survive in and found some fish for sustenance.

Bildet kan inneholde: strategi videospill, slag.

Our base has some basic mining and smelting facilities, power production, and decryption centers.

Bildet kan inneholde: strategi videospill, spill, pc-spill.

Bildet kan inneholde: blå, moro, spill.

We were lucky enough that the ships library was relatively undamaged in the crash, it contains enough scientific literature to assist us in learning theoretical astrophysics, and blueprints we can decrypt in our research centers.

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We've also made friends with the ships autonomous robots! They are great for building and maintaining our base, and we've also figured out how to make them do mathematical calculations for us!

Bildet kan inneholde: skygge, mote tilbehør, smykker.
The autonomous robots, aren't they cute?


This means that when we've understood the science in the scientific works in the library, and need to calculate actual numbers, we can have these guys do it for us! 

The odd part about this though, is that they seem to do this with pencil and paper. I have no idea why the people who made these robots designed them this way, but we will just have to live with that. 


We're going to start off by working on some statistics, this will be in our next log entry.

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