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18. des. 2015 15:10


At the last group session when solving the 2013 final exam, I wrongly sketched a michelson interferometer instead of a michelson stellar interferometer - which are two different instruments. If this lead to confusion at the exam last friday, this will not count count against your final score. I very much apologize for any possible confusion!

Also, I hope the exam went well otherwise!




15. des. 2015 12:00


I have uploaded the slides on polarimetry that I showed during the lecture and that some of you found useful. As always, you can find them under "Materials". 



29. nov. 2015 18:52

Dear all, 

please note that due to the already ongoing final exams this week, there won't be any more lectures for the AST2210 course. However, we will offer two more exercise classes on Thursday, 3.12 and Thursday, 10.12 at 14:15. Please let us know, if you have any special requests. 





29. nov. 2015 18:36