Publisert 13. juni 2013 13:06

The problem set and a solution suggestion for the final exam that has jsut been completede have now been added to the zip-file of exams from 2009 and later that you can find in the middle of the page

Publisert 3. juni 2013 19:42

After hearing back from some of you, more people have said that they prefer Monday the 10th of June, so the last exercise will be on that date from 10:15.

If this time is not suitable for you, but you have questions that you'd like answered before the exam, you can come by Marit's office 201 at ITA, most days between 9 and 15.

Remember that there will be no exercise class this Friday, and that there are no more lectures.

Publisert 1. juni 2013 13:42
The curriculum in this course is the material covered in Oystein Elgaroy's lecture notes, except for the following (sub)sections: 1.10.7, 1.12, 2.5, 2.6, 3.4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 and 4.8.

Problems solved in the lectures and exercise sessions are also part of the curriculum.
Publisert 31. mai 2013 14:34

Since many of you have another exam on Friday the 7th of June, I suggest to move the last exercise class from this time slot to the following Tuesday (the 11th of June) from 10 and two hours on.

If many people have problems making it at this time we can also have it on Monday the 10th of June at the time when lectures are usually put.

If you have problems making it at either of these times (but especially if you have problems making it on the Tuesday) and want the class to not be at that time, please let me know by this Monday (3rd of June) no later than 19:00, when I will make a final decision.

Publisert 28. mai 2013 21:17

There will be no lectures on Monday 3rd June nor the 10th June.

Publisert 28. mai 2013 09:37

The last mandatory assignment with postponed due date on this Friday (31st of May) is no longer mandatory, but voluntary due to the late delivery date. If you want your work corrected feel free to hand it in, otherwise you may choose to spend your time revising for the exam instead.

Publisert 6. mai 2013 18:01

The lectures finished inflation today, so on Friday we will not start structure formation, but rather focus on inflation, going through something that many found difficult on the hand-in and also going through 3.3 or 3.4. Hopefully there will also be time for a bit of individual work and you can get your own queries answered.

This means that the last weekly assignment are postponed. In practice structure formation will be taught in the lecture Monday the 13th of May, and the first exercise set on this (week 14) will be discussed on Friday the 24th of May. The rest of structure formation willl be taught on Monday the 27th of May and the second exercise set on structure formation (week 15) including the compulsory part will be due on Friday the 31st of May. The first week of June will be used for revision, both in the lecture on Monday and in the exercise session on Friday.

Publisert 6. mai 2013 12:32

You can collect your corrected copy in Marit's office (201) (before Friday the 10/5), in class on Friday (10/5) or in a box beside the postal shelf after that time.

Publisert 6. mai 2013 12:14

There will be a lecture on Monday 13th May.

This overlaps the previous post saying there were no lecture on that day.

See you next Monday!


Publisert 22. apr. 2013 14:15

Due to the cancellation of the lecture today, the progress in theory and exercise sessions for this and next week will change slightly.

In Friday's (26/4-13) exercise class we will not do the assignment set for week 12, but rather go through some preliminary theory on theoretical physics, involving lagrangians, variational principles etc. with applications to scalar fields specifically.

In Monday's (29/4-13) theory class the subject of inflation will be motivated, explained and specified in terms of scalar fields, in essence all of chapter 3 will be taught. As background on scalar fields have been reviewed on Friday, details of this will not be emphasised here.

On the following Friday (3/5-13), we will do both the assignments for week 12 and 13, that is we will start by discussing the concepts from week 12's assignment and then go on to go through one or more of the exercises in week 13's assignement. The compulsory hand in of your solution to...

Publisert 22. apr. 2013 08:48

The lecture Monday, 22nd of April is cancelled because of illness.

Publisert 21. apr. 2013 12:11

All the compulsory hand-ins due last Friday are now corrected and everyone who handed something in passed.

You can collect yours either by coming to class on Friday, fetching it in Marit's office (201) before that time, or in a box beside the postal shelves after that time. Remember to get yours back as half the point of mandatory hand-ins is to get feedback on your work.

Publisert 17. apr. 2013 09:47

A typo in exercise 2.8, the exponent on the (1+z) term in the last equation, has been corrected. Where to find the error and what to do in your printed out version is detailed in the errata.

Publisert 12. apr. 2013 11:03

There where some typos in exercise 2.9. These have been corrected in the current version of the lecture notes and a description of the errors can be found in the errata.

Publisert 9. apr. 2013 12:06

Exercise assignments for the rest of the semester available and are posted in the middle of the course front page.

Assignments for weeks 11 (19th of April), 13 (3rd of May) and 15 (24th of May) have compulsory hand in components.

Publisert 5. apr. 2013 14:19

The second mandatory assignment is contained in the assignment set marked week 11 and should be handed in by 14:30 on the 19th of April. Modes of delivery are described in the assignement text.

Publisert 5. apr. 2013 14:17

The exercise session assignements for April 12th and 19th are dubbed Week 10 and Week 11 respectively and can be found in the middle of the page.

The assignement for the 19th of April (Week 11) has a mandatory hand-in part.

Publisert 22. mars 2013 15:46

Assignement for the 5th of April is the set for week 9 that you find in the resources on the middle of the page

Publisert 22. mars 2013 15:45

This years mid term exam and a solution to it can be found among the resources on the middle of the page

Publisert 22. mars 2013 15:43

The course pages have change. Hopefully for the better!

Publisert 11. mars 2013 15:27

Different versions of the lecture bnotes contain known errors. Check out the errata to correct the mistakes in your version.

Publisert 11. mars 2013 15:23

The mandatory assignments have now been corrected and everyone who handed in a solution passed. However, everyone has got some comments that may be useful before the exam. You can get you're assignement back on Friday in the exercise session. If you want it before that time you can collect it in Marit's office (201), or later in in i box beside the postal shelves in Astro.

Publisert 5. mars 2013 11:37

Remember this weeks mandatory assignment, the midterm exam from 2006 (the exam set dated October 2006) which you can find here .

You can either hand it in personally in Fridays exercise class (where we will also go through last year's midterm exam ), you can put it in Marit's post shelf in Astro before 14:30 on Friday, or you can send your electronic solution via email to Marit .

Publisert 26. feb. 2013 13:31

A zipped archive of more recent previous exams and mid term exams can be found here

The assignement for the exercise class directly after easter (5th of April) can be found here

Publisert 25. feb. 2013 10:40

Remeber that this week's exercises can be found here .

Rembemer also that the task for the week after that (8th of March) is a mandatory hand in assignment (the midterm exam from 2006 which you can find in this archive) to be delivered either in class on the 8th of March, or in Marit's post shelf at the astrophysics building by the 14:30 on the 8th of March. For the exercise class on the 8th of March we will go through last year's midterm exam .