Semesterside for AST3220 - Vår 2020

Sensur for AST3220 vår 2020 er nå klar. Du finner karakteren i StudentWeb.

26. juni 2020 11:30

The results from project 3 are ready. Everyone who handed in the project passed, and have thereby also passed the entire course. The results will appear in Studentweb soon. 

Here is a solution and the evaluation guidelines for project 3.  


I wish to thank all of you students on the course for your patience and perseverance during the strange and somewhat difficult times we are going through. I hope you feel that you have learned some interesting things about cosmology, and that you are motivated to learn more. 

Best wishes for the summer,


25. juni 2020 14:07

The group session starts as usual at 12:15 via zoom:

17. juni 2020 10:46