Semesterside for AST5110 - Høst 2009

EXAM we will hold the oral exam on Wednesday 16/12 and Friday 18/12 this week with the following schedule: Wednesday 09:00 Thomas Golding, 10:00 Klara Sejnova, 15:30 Kosovare Olluri; Friday 10:00 Nuno Guerreiro, 11:00 Dan Sekse, 12:00 Håkon Skogsrud. The exam will be held in the "Peisestua", room 304 (the same room as all the lectures).

14. des. 2009 14:33

NB Due to a change in travel plans the lecture today is moved to 15.15!!

18. nov. 2009 11:16

Exercises for week 48: Do one of the two exercises on the multigrid method and/or including an advection equation in Bifrost.

13. nov. 2009 14:03