Semesterside for AST5110 - Høst 2018

Here are some notes on Riemann Solvers, for more info the book "Riemann Solvers and Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics" (on which the notes are strongly based) by Eleuterio F. Toro is strongly recommended.

15. nov. 2018 11:45

I have corrected some small errors and added a little text to the viscosity notes.

8. okt. 2018 13:53

We will be looking at 1D adiabatic sound waves and how to keep them under control in this exercise. The due date will be around October 18, but we can discuss this in the next class.

3. okt. 2018 13:38

There are two papers that should be read by all, they will feature in future lectures and will be discussed. The first is the original paper on the Stagger code (nearly the same method is used in Bifrost). The second on how to treat coronal heating by braiding by Galsgaard & Nordlund 1996.

27. sep. 2018 13:44

When finished working with exercise set 1, please prepare a short written report or presentation (with figures and code snippets!) so that we can discuss your experiences. This will happen either Thursday September 20 or Friday September 21.

5. sep. 2018 08:39