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17.01.2011Mats Carlsson  rom 304  Basic concepts  intensity, opacity, emissivity, absorption, scattering, source function, optical depth, optical path length, formal solution, Eddington Barbier relation 
24.01.2011Mats Carlsson  rom 304  MULTI  How to set up a run for MULTI 
31.01.2011Mats Carlsson  rom 304  numerical integration, Source function with scattering, Feautrier's method  Numerical integration, trapezoidal and Simpson, Gaussian quadrature, Gauss-Legendre, Gauss-Laguerre, scattering, lambda iteration, Feautrier's method 
07.02.2011Mats Carlsson  rom 304  ALI, convergence acceleration, Linearization, non-LTE  Accelerated Lambda Iteration, Scharmer's method, Olson-Auer-Buchler, Ng acceleration, linearization, Newton-Raphson, convergence radius, statistical equilibrium 
14.02.2011Mats Carlsson  rom 304  MULTI exercises  MULTI exercises 
21.02.2011Mats Carlsson  rom 304  term project, MULTI, examples, contribution functions  Depth discretization in MULTI, DSCAL2 mechanism, convergence problems for hydrogen, contribution functions, response functions, examples: contribution functions for La Palma filters, response functions for Hinode filters. 
28.02.2011Mats Carlsson  rom 304  term project  Description of term projects. Choosing project. Individual plans for the rest of the semester. 
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