Syllabus/achievement requirements

Scott Dodelson: Modern Cosmology, 2003. Academic Press. ISBN: 0-12-219141-2. Curriculum consists of chapter 1 to 8, in addition to material covered in project work.


Milestone 1: The background evolution of the universe.

Milestone 2: The recombination history of the universe.

Milestone 3: The evolution of structures in the universe.

Milestone 4: The CMB power spectrum.

Hans Kristian Eriksen: Summary of equations for CMB spectrum calculation, Overview of equations to be implemented; not complete. Version April 9th, 2010.. cmbspec_eqns.pdf.

Øystein Elgarøy's lecture notes from earlier years -- not curriculum, but very useful

Ø. Elgarøy: En kort introduksjon til generell relativitetsteori, Very good lecture notes on GR. Notes.

Ø. Elgarøy: A short introduction to General Relativity, Notes.

Ø. Elgarøy: Kosmologisk perturbasjonsteori: forpostfektninger, Very good introductory notes on Boltzmann equations . Notes.

Ø. Elgarøy: Kosmologisk perturbasjonsteori: I ditt ansikts sved skal du ete ditt brød, Detailed derivations of the perturbed Boltzmann equations; only Norwegian. Notes.

Ø. Elgarøy: Kosmologisk perturbasjonsteori: Einsteintensoren vender tilbake, Detailed derivation of the perturbed Einstein equations; only Norwegian. Notes.

Ø. Elgarøy: Initialbetingelser: I begynnelsen var φ, Derivations of inflationary initial conditions. Notes.

Ø. Elgarøy: Skalarfelt og kvantefluktuasjoner, Notes on scalar fields and inflation. Notes.

Nyttig tilleggslitteratur

P. Callin: How to calculate the CMB spectrum, 2005. Very useful paper; read this, as it describes in detail what we will do.

B. Einarsson: Lärobok i Fortran 95, 2007. Useful F90 reference, but in Swedish.

Press et al.: Numerical recipes, Very useful description of numerical algorithms; older versions are available online.

Dr. C.-K. Shene : Online F90 tutorial in English; PPTs seems useful, but I don't know them very well .

Steven H. Terry: Nice F90 reference.

Joel Spolsky: Good tutorial for Mercurial. Hg Init.


Exercise exam for spring 2010 (Norwegian).

Exercise exam for spring 2010 (English).

Exam from spring 2010.

Exam from spring 2011.

Useful links

Wayne Hu: Several nice tutorials on CMB physics. In particular, check out the "Ringing in the New Cosmology" page. Wayne Hu's CMB pages.

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