Semesterside for AST5220 - Vår 2017

Results for AST5220 and AST9420 spring 2017 are ready. You will find your exam results in Studentweb.

Explanations and appeals:

Before you submit an appeal, it is recommended that you ask for an explanation of the grades.

If you wish to submit an appeal, please use the online form.

More about examinations at the University of Oslo can be found here.

12. juni 2017 14:27

Some of the semester lectures were changed. Some were canceled, others were postponed to another day and time. 

Please, see the time plan and course schedule page for details for each lecture.

8. jan. 2017 22:12

There are no classes in week 7 (Tuesday 14 February  and Wednesday 15 February).

There are no classes in week 12 (Tuesday 21 March and Wednesday 22 March)

5. des. 2016 13:41