Semesterside for AST5220 - Vår 2021

We did a short review of the theory behind Milestone IV. We are now done with reviewing the course. The exam is on June 4th. You should have gotten your time slot if not let me know. Also if you want to have the oral exam at ITA (live in front of a blackboard) this is now a possibility just let me know and we'll fix that. For more information about the structure of the exam see

28. mai 2021 11:32

Sladana will be on the usual Zoom ( ) tomorrow Friday 21 May at 1215 if you have any questions about how to write the final report (or anything else about the course). If you are interested show up on time (if nobody is there when we start we just cancel it).

20. mai 2021 22:53

We did a review of the theory behind Milestone III. You can find some relevant exam problems here

12. mai 2021 16:38