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23.08.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort    Course Intro  Hertzsprung-Russel diagram, Jeans criterion, Kelvin-Helmholtz time scale (see lecture notes lecture 13-14 AST1100 , Stix 2.2) 
26.08.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      collapsing cloud, hydrodynamic equation, free-fall time scale, hydrostatic equilibrium, equation of state, ideal gas law and mean molecular weight (see lecture notes lecture 13-14 AST1100, Stix 2.1-2.3, alternatively C&O 10.1, 10.2, 12.2) 
26.08.2010Patrick Antolin    Exercise class  Problem 2 and 3 of AST1100 lectures 13-14 
30.08.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      nuclear energy production, nuclear time scale, nuclear reaction cross section, Gamow peak, luminosity gradient equation (see lecture notes lecture 19 AST1100 , Stix 2.3.6, alternatively C&O 10.3) 
02.09.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      adiabatic temperature gradient (C&O 10.4) 
02.09.2010Patrick Antolin    Exercise class  Problem 2 of AST1100 lecture 19, Stix 2.8, 2.9 
06.09.2010    Kavli Prize symposium  students are strongly recommended to attend the Kavli Prize symposium in Astrophysics in the National Library (program , sign up here
09.09.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      Schwarzschild criterion for convection, mixing-length theory (C&O 10.4) 
09.09.2010Patrick Antolin    Exercise class  exercise 1 and 3 
13.09.2010Mats Carlsson    Basic definitions: Intensity, mean intensity, flux, energy density, moments, local change  Rutten Chapter 2.1, 2.2.1 
16.09.2010Mats Carlsson    Transport equation, Eddington-Barbier  Rutten Chapter 2.2.2 
16.09.2010Patrick Antolin    Exercise class  Rutten exercise 1 and 2 (page 225 and 226) 
20.09.2010Mats Carlsson    Extinction processes, LTE  Rutten Chapter 2.3-2.5 
23.09.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      repetition Transport equation and formal solution, Rutten figure 2.2, Eddington-Barbier approximation, limb darkening. 
23.09.2010Patrick Antolin    Exercise class  Rutten exercise 1 and 3 
27.09.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      Rutten figure 2.5, LTE, Rosseland mean extinction coefficient 
30.09.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      H- extinction, formation height variation, spectral line broadening (Rutten 3.3) 
30.09.2010Patrick Antolin    Exercise class  continue Rutten exercise 3, and 4a, b, and c. 
04.10.2010Patrick Antolin      Students can work on the numerical exercise 
07.10.2010Patrick Antolin      Students can work on the numerical exercise 
07.10.2010Patrick Antolin    Exercise class  Students can work on the numerical exercise 
18.10.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      some basic MHD, induction equation, magnetic Reynolds number, Ohmic decay time scale, concept of magnetic fields frozen to plasma, magnetic tension and magnetic pressure, flux tube. 
21.10.2010Patrick Antolin    Exercise class  Students can work on the numerical exercise  
25.10.2010      La Palma 
28.10.2010      La Palma 
28.10.2010    Exercise class  La Palma 
01.11.2010    cancelled   
04.11.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      study spectral line formation in a 1D model atmosphere using the IDL program xtransp 
04.11.2010Patrick Antolin    Exercise class  work on numerical exercise 
08.11.2010Patrick Antolin      Work on numerical exercise 
11.11.2010    cancelled   
11.11.2010Patrick Antolin    Exercise class  spectral line formation in a 1D model atmosphere using the IDL program xtransp 
15.11.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      Main sequence and post-main-sequence evolution of low mass stars (C&O 13) 
18.11.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      Remainder of C&O Chapter 13: HR-diagrams for stellar clusters, turn-off point, mass-loss in AGB phase, planetary nebulae, Eddington luminosity limit. List of important concepts 
18.11.2010Patrick Antolin    Exercise class  Exercise magnetic flux tube and evolution of an 1.3 and a 5 MSun star and Schoenberg-Chandrasekhar limit 
22.11.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      White dwarfs and neutron stars (C&O 16). 
25.11.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      post-main sequence of high-mass stars, core-collapse supernovae, s-process and r-process nucleosynthesis (C&O 15.1-3) 
25.11.2010Patrick Antolin    Exercise class  Eddington luminosity limit and evolution time scale on the main sequence and P Cygni profile 
29.11.2010Luc Rouppe van der Voort      list of selected concepts with explanations Updated list of important concepts (including C&O Ch.15) exercise technetium 
02.12.2010    cancelled   
02.12.2010    cancelled   
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