FRM-KJM9930 – NIFIF - Bioanalysis - Forefront Technologies and Applications

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Course content

This course focuses on the latest research on new technologies and applications within bioanalytical chemistry. Especially, attention will be directed towards chromatography, electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, and sample preparation of biological fluids. Applications will be small-molecule drugs, peptides, and proteins in biological fluids. Finally, the course will focus on presentation of scientific data related to bioanalytical chemistry, both in written and oral format.

Learning outcome

The course will give the students in-depth knowledge on:

  • Trends in forefront research in bioanalytical chemistry
  • The potential of new technologies in bioanalytical chemistry
  • The potential of new applications in bioanalytical chemistry
  • How to present bioanalytical research in scientific papers
  • How to present bioanalytical research in oral communication

Admission to the course

All PhD students within the Norwegian PhD School in Pharmacy, open to non-NFIF PhD students or researchers, but if the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available, PhD students who are members of the Norwegian School of Pharmacy and the Norwegian Research School in General Practice will have priority.

PhD candidates who are admitted to other faculties at UiO or education institutions than UiO must at the same time apply for visiting status. They must submit, by the registration deadline, the same documentation as regular visiting status applicants.

The course will be offered to maximum 34 participants. The course will not be offered if there are fewer than 5 participants.

Formal prerequisite knowledge

For participants with a Master’s degree in Pharmacy: FRM2010 – Quality Control of Pharmaceutical ingredients (discontinued), FRM2020 – Production, Quality Control and Distribution of Medicinal products (discontinued), FRM3030 – Use of Drugs, Part III (discontinued), FRM4020 – Research Preparation Course in Pharmaceutical Analysis and FRM-KJM5050 – Bioanalytical Chemistry I: Advanced Separation Methods and Bioanalysis

For participants with a Master’s degree in Chemistry: KJM2400 – Analytical Chemistry I, KJM3400 – Analytical Chemistry II - Separation Methods and FRM-KJM5050 – Bioanalytical Chemistry I: Advanced Separation Methods and Bioanalysis

Passed exam in KJM-FRM5055 – Bioanalytical Chemistry II: Advanced Separation Methods is considered an advantage.

Others: Education in pharmaceutical chemical analysis or analytical chemistry corresponding to the courses above.


The course is centered on a five day obligatory session (in total 34 hours) held in Oslo:

  • lectures and student presentations (22 hours)
  • workshops (12 hours).

    No practical laboratory exercises. Each student also has to prepare student presentation prior to the course week (36 hours) based on a research article provided the student prior to the course week. Each student is expected to write an article after the course week with focus on a bioanalytical chemistry subject for a national journal in pharmacy / chemistry (56 hours).

Mandatory participation during the course week.


The students have to fulfil the following to pass the course:

  • Each participant has to give a short lecture (10 min, research presentation) about own research, one lecture (20 min) related to a pre-selected article (article presentation) during the course week (weighting: 2/3 of the grade). The article presentation is based on a research article provided each student prior to the course.
  • Each participant has to submit a written contribution for national pharmacy/chemistry journal based on one of the subjects covered by the (weighting: 1/3 of the grade).

Language of examination

The examination text is given in English, and you submit your response in English.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

Resit an examination

Students who can document a valid reason for absence from the regular examination are offered a postponed examination at the beginning of the next semester.Re-scheduled examinations are not offered to students who withdraw during, or did not pass the original examination.

Special examination arrangements, use of sources, explanations and appeals

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Facts about this course


The course is held November 22-26, 2021.

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