Dette emnet er erstattet av FYS4740 – MR-teori og medisinsk diagnostikk.


Publisert 21. mai 2013 09:55

The lecture today is unfortunately cancelled due to sickness. The extra lecture on Thursday 10.15-12.00 will go as planned. Send me a mail if you have specific questions you want to clarify on Thursday.

Publisert 6. mai 2013 08:59
Publisert 17. apr. 2013 11:19

The data needed for the MR-lab (together with a slightly modified version of the lab excercise description) can now be downloaded from:

Publisert 17. apr. 2013 11:13

I am out travelling next week but there will be an extra lecture on high field MRI given by Emil Espe on Tuesday 23.4 at 10.15-12.00 (KV346). This topic is very relevant for the course so hope you all can attend this lecture. A

Publisert 14. apr. 2013 20:21

Due to most student being busy with a course the coming week there will be no fys-kjm4740 lecture tomorrow. We will make up for this with an extra lecture in week 18.

Publisert 19. mars 2013 21:13

The MR-lab will take place at Rikshospitalet (Sogsvannsveien 20) on Tuesday 2.April from 12.00-14.00. I will meet you in the main reception at 11.45. Atle

Publisert 3. mars 2013 22:58

Please note that the lectures for the remaining of the term will be held in room KJM V346, starting tomorrow 4th March at 10.15.

Publisert 15. feb. 2013 15:04

The first lecture for part II of fys-kjm4740 (MR imaging) will be on Monday 04.03 at usual place and time. So please note that there will be no lecure on the 25th.