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24.05.2006    Rest of problem set 12, questions and discussion  Last exercises. Note this is on Wednesday 10-12, since Thursday is a holiday. 
18.05.2006    Problem Set 12   
12.05.2006    Electromagnetic dipole radiation. Radiation from accelerated point charge.  Final lecture this semester. The Thursday exercises continues for two weeks. 
11.05.2006    Problem Set 11   
10.05.2006    Radiation fields   
05.05.2006    Multipole expansions   
04.05.2006    Problem Set 10   
03.05.2006    Electrostatic and magnetostatic solutions   
28.04.2006    Electromagnetic field momentum and energy   
27.04.2006    Problem Set 9   
26.04.2006    Electromagnetic waves   
21.04.2006    Lorentz transformations of electromagnetic fields   
20.04.2006    Problems from midterm exam, Problem set 8   
19.04.2006    Maxwell's equations in covariant form   
07.04.2006    Electrodynamics: Maxwell's equations   
06.04.2006    Problems from the midterm exam   
05.04.2006    Lagrangian for relativistic particles   
31.03.2006    No lecture  Deadline for return of solutions to the midterm exam 
30.03.2006    No teaching   
29.03.2006    No lecture   
24.03.2006    No lecture  Midterm Exam: Problem set available on the course page. Deadline for return of solutions: Friday, March 31.  
23.03.2006    Problem set 7   
22.03.2006    Newton's equation on covariant form   
17.03.2006    Conservation of 4-momentum   
16.03.2006    Problem Set 6   
15.03.2006    Relativistic dynamics  Note: In the Homework Problem 2 of last week there was a hint of how to find the wave length of a light signal in a moving frame. This was misleading. I will discuss Doppler shift in the first part of the lecture and show how to obtain the correct result. 
10.03.2006    Hyperbolic motion and the twin paradox.   
09.03.2006    Solutions of the homework exercises.  Deadline for return of written solutions of the homework exercises. 
08.03.2006    Relativistic kinematics   
03.03.2006    Relativistic tensors   
02.03.2006    Problem set 5  Homework exercises available on the course page. Solutions of the set that are returned before the Thursday exercises, March 9, will be corrected and commented. Voluntary set. 
01.03.2006    4-vectors   
24.02.2006    Minkowski diagram   
23.02.2006    Lenght contraction and time dilatation   
22.02.2006    Problem set 4  Lecture moved to Thursday 
17.02.2006    Calculus of variations. Theory of relativity.   
16.02.2006    Problem set 4   
15.02.2006    Hamilton's principle   
10.02.2006    Solving Hamilton's equations. Phase space motion.   
09.02.2006    Problem set 3   
08.02.2006    Hamilton's equations   
03.02.2006      No lecture 
02.02.2006    Problem set 2   
01.02.2006    Particle in electromagnetic field: Velocity dependent potential   
27.01.2006    Symmetries, cyclic coordinates and constants of motion.   
26.01.2006Mats Horsdal  Auditorium 467Ø  Problem set 1   
25.01.2006    Lagrange's equations   
20.01.2006    Configuration space. Virtual displacements. D'Alembert's principle.   
19.01.2006      Ingen undervisning 
18.01.2006Jon Magne Leinaas  Auditorium 467Ø  Introduction to analytical mechanics. Generalized coordinates.   
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