Semesterside for FYS4130 - Vår 2012

We have now posted the final exam and solution . The final has been graded, and grades will be available shortly on StudentWeb. Have a nice summer!

14. juni 2012 22:44

Some older exams with solutions can be found here. If you worry about their relevance, look for problems that feel familiar.

7. juni 2012 14:55

List of material lectured upon which is relevant for the exam: Sethna: 1-12 (not 6.5,8.3,9.4 and 11.4.2), Yeomans: 3.1,4,5.1,5.2,7.1,7.2,8.1,8.3,8.5 and 8.6.

29. mai 2012 18:05