Semester page for FYS4180 - Autumn 2018

Welcome to FYS4180: Experimental methods in physics! This course is an introduction to modern experimental methods in physics, with focus on Nobel Prize winning activities and techniques specific to Department of Physics.  It begins with description of measurement uncertainty, introduces distribution function and explains how to calculate standard error. After that, invited lectures will give overview of most exciting experimental activities in physics at University of Oslo. The final part of the course is experimental study carried out during 7 weeks (84 hours) in research laboratories at the Department of Physics. The study will result in a 10-20 pages report and a 20-30 minutes oral presentation. There is oral midterm exam with four questions following subjects of the lectures with special emphasis on statistical treatment of data, measurements uncertainty and presented experimental techniques. The exam contributes 40% t...

Aug. 12, 2018 10:54 PM