Semesterside for FYS4250 - Høst 2013

The compendium in ultrasound (Lecture 13) was missing, but is reloaded now (see teaching material). Sorry for that! Please remember that the compendium is for your understanding, the lectures defines what you should know about each topic.

Good luck with the final spurt, see you on thursday/friday! :-)


3. des. 2013 13:24

For those of you who have still not submitted your course evaluation, please bring it to your exam on the 5th or 6th of Desember or send me an email with the evaluation attached. Feedback is highly appreciated! :-)

28. nov. 2013 11:00

There will be no additional compendium for lecture 16. Basically, I think you've already got enough reading material, and the available publications and textbooks on this topic are far too extensive for this course. If you have any questions regarding this lecture (or other lectures), please feel free to ask!

25. nov. 2013 10:12