Semesterside for FYS4250 - Høst 2015

Please find the roadmap attached in the attachments (Roadmap to Medisinsk Teknologisk VO.doc)

4. nov. 2015 11:28

Your final exam will be either thursday 3rd or friday 4th of december. (Oral exam). This will count for 60% of your final mark, together with your mid-term exam (40%). Please feel free to send me an email and tell me what date you prefer for your final exam. (Use

26. okt. 2015 18:51

If you want to know your mid-term result, send an email to and give him your candidate number. He will respond with your result in a separate e-mail. If you don't want to give him your name, please let me know and we will arrange an anonymous handover of the result.

NOTE! We have calculated a score for each question ranging from 0-4 where 4 is the best. The sum of all the questions decided which mark you've got, but we will also bring your final score into the discussion after your final exam, not the mark alone. 

19. okt. 2015 16:23

Note that in addition to lecture 9 I've uploaded a powerpoint from University of South Carolina (Anesthesia Machine Medical University of South Carolina.pdf).

13. okt. 2015 11:33

Remember to answer all the questions in the exam and use your time efficiently, you don't have time to waste. Good luck on the mid-term exam everybody!  

3. okt. 2015 00:07