Semesterside for FYS4250 - Høst 2019

Felles undervisning

Emnet har felles undervisning med FYS9250 – Biomedisinsk instrumentering. Se semestersiden til dette emnet for timeplan og beskjeder.

Lecture 14 and 15 were, for some reason, not available in the attachments folder. They are now, please find them in the folder.


Good luck with your preparations!

26. nov. 2019 09:07

Please find a PPT in the attachmentsfolder with corrected images.

20. nov. 2019 11:04

Please find a compendium in MRI in the Attachments-folder.

For a simple explanation of the basic physics, please search for "Highschool physics explained MRI" on youtube.

18. nov. 2019 14:56

Please note that the site visit at Rikshospitalet will be at Rikshospitalet 27/11-2019 from 10.00-12.00. Information about where to meet has been published (together with a map) in a previous Message.

18. nov. 2019 14:52

Please find your name in the timeschedule for the final exam in the "Attachments"-folder ("Oppmøteliste eksamen FYS 4250"). If your timeslot is unacceptable for some reason, please change with another student on the list and tell me about it in a mail.

Deadline: Friday 08.11, 10.00 o clock

7. nov. 2019 14:50