Semesterside for FYS4250 - Høst 2020

You should all have recieved an invitation with this text, I hope you can participate! :-)


Hello everyone

I hope you've all landed after the final examination and that you're satisfied with the course! In order to make a better course for the coming students I would like to invite you all to an evaluation of this course.  


I know you're busy those days, but I hope you can find time to participate! (If you would like to participate, but the timeslot is occupied: Please let me know!)


Time and date: 

Topic: Evaluation of FYS4250

Time: Dec 9, 2020 10:00 AM Oslo


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 643 0195 3794

Passcode: 338017


Best regards

Jan Olav



7. des. 2020 09:32

You are allowed to use your own notes and/or the digital slides from the lectures at the final oral exam.

Good luck!


2. des. 2020 10:19

Good Luck! :-)

Jan Olav

30. nov. 2020 15:14

You will receive a zoom-invitation to the final exam in FYS4250/9250 within a couple of hours from now. Please let me know if something is wrong with the invitation.

Jan Olav

30. nov. 2020 13:22

Please find the last questions for lecture 15 and 16 in the attachment-folder.

Good Luck! :-)

23. nov. 2020 11:11