Exam information

The exam in this course is an oral examination based on the work you have done in the course this semester. The oral exam consists of three parts:

(1) Final project: The first 10 minutes you will spend on discussing your final project. You can bring figures, but not slides or text for this presentation. Weight will be given to your understanding of the subject and your ability to relate your study with other aspects of the course.

(2) Prepared exam question: One hour before your exam time, we will randomly select on of the exam questions for you. You have one hour to prepare for this question using all available tools. However, you will not be allowed to bring any notes or plots into the exam. You have about 10 minutes to address this questions.

(3) Unprepared exam question: You draw one question from an envelope during the exam and discuss this question for about 10 minutes. If the question is from the same subject area as in (2) you will draw another question until you get a question from another subject area.

You can find the list of exam questions here.

Notice that the probability of the questions are not equal.

Good luck!

Publisert 2. mai 2013 08:00