Semesterside for FYS4565 - Vår 2020

The grading guide / sensorveiledning for the exam FYS4565 V20 is now available here: sensorveiledning.

3. juni 2020 13:50

The final exam in FYS4565 will be conducted as an oral examination as planned. The exam will be conducted digitally via the videoconference platform zoom due to the corona-situation. You will receive further practical information regarding the exam after Easter.

The course will be graded on a scale from A to F.

For further information regarding zoom please see

Please contact if you have questions regarding this

3. apr. 2020 19:00


Here are updates for FYS4565/9656 following the shut down of the University buildings :

The exercise sessions following lectures will be replaced by Canvas discussion forums, one forum for each week where you can start discussion threads.  You can also ask general questions by opening new discussions any time:


Canvas is the standard online tool for UiO.  You should already have been subscribed to the course on canvas.  Try to click the link above, does it work for you?  If not, please let me know.

The remaining lectures (starting from April 15) will be either be made as podcast and published on Canvas, or, be made live with Zoom (to be seen as the situation with Corona unfolds).  

The link to lectures will still be found at the usual...

25. mars 2020 00:02