Semesterside for FYS4580 - Høst 2019

We have postponed the OpenMC project - the new deadline is Friday Nov 8th at 23:59 :-)

6. nov. 2019 16:36

After all the projector troubles in the Chemistry building, I've booked another room for the lecture on Wednesday Nov 6th.  We will be in the Physics building in room Ø397.

Also, please prepare questions for Nils Bøhmer about nuclear power (he is opposed to it).  I'd like it to become a debate.

I need feedback from you on how you think the course has been. What did you like? What did you not like? Suggestions for improvement? (on the lectures, OpenMC sessions. cabin trip, presentations, OpenMC project).  You can send an email, or put an anonymous note in my shelf in the expedition office in the Physics building. Also I need two student representatives that can meet me after the course is done, for a feedback session. This is not much work, just a 1h meeting or so:-) Please help me make this course better!

1. nov. 2019 11:44

I have created a task under "assignments" in Canvas where you should hand in your OpenMC report. Please upload it as a PDF file,  and note the deadline of  Nov 7th 12:00.

24. okt. 2019 08:48