Semesterside for FYS5310 - Vår 2015


The website has been updated with the latest lecture slides, and some lecture notes.

5. mars 2015 11:34


The Website has now been updated with the revised teaching schedule, exercise set 2, and today's lecture. The password is the course code (no caps).

I have also uploaded the guide to writing the Matlab code from exercise set 1.

29. jan. 2015 15:33

Lectures will be held Thursdays 12:15-14:00, while the labs and colloquia will be on Wednesdays 12:15-16:00 (however, not every Wednesday, I'll let you know).

The main mode of communication with the students will be by email, and this webpage.

On the right you will find links to the relevant textbooks, while on the left there are links where you can find the lecture slides, lecture notes, and exercise sets. In addition you will find a teaching schedule which I will try to keep up to date.


22. jan. 2015 14:28