Semesterside for MENA3100 - Vår 2015

You will find Øystein's PowerPoint presentation to the right.

10. juni 2015 06:22

Øystein Prytz will help us index and understand diffraction data from the TEMs. It will be based on some of the old exams, probably to be announced later.

Nothing on Wednesday.

1. juni 2015 16:21

We do nothing on Wednesday, but something on diffraction on Thursday.

26. mai 2015 08:22

Can you please send me an e-mail to confirm that the schedule I set up is OK for you?

18. mai 2015 10:37

I have posted a suggested time plan for the individual discussions on your project reports. Please check if you can attend as suggested. We prefer that the groups stays together, but if necessary, you can swap with others, just remember to tell me. If you cannot make it at all at the suggested times, please tell as soon as possible.

15. mai 2015 10:15

The presentation on resiprocal space and diffraction is uploaded.

15. mai 2015 09:59

The people attending last Wednesday was not in favour of group presentations, so we skip that :-(

I will try to organize the oral discussion with each of you individually coming Wednesday and Thursday in the lecture times. Keep yourself updated on the webpages! If you know you definitively cannot attend either Wednesday or Thursday, please send me an e-mail as soon as possible.

14. mai 2015 12:48

We go through some old exam question about (mostly) X-ray diffraction. You may send an e-mail with suggestions. The first hour I was planning on a little review of reciprocal space and diffraction.

11. mai 2015 17:09

The focus is on diffraction, and Annett goes through old exams 2014 2d and e, 2013 3, 2012 4 and 5 and 2009 4.

4. mai 2015 09:42

The presentations used under repetition of SEM and XRD are posted (at last).

4. mai 2015 07:36