Semesterside for MENA3100 - Vår 2016

I have uploaded a document named "Final evaluation". If the questions etc. can be filled in, it would be great. Feel also welcome to meet us and discuss how we can improve the course.

17. juni 2016 12:07

Not many wishes. The only one was on TEM, and I think I will avoid that topic. I'll be there, and we can talk about what to talk about, if any of you show up.

7. juni 2016 12:33

I have corrected a wrong link to TEM 2 and also uploaded the PP Annett used for her repetition.

7. juni 2016 12:20


We have posted a time plan for our individual talks about the projects. If the members of a group want to swap between themselves, that is OK. Check for errors and report if you find any. If you see you have problems With Meeting at the given times, please tell us as soon as possible.

7. juni 2016 06:33

Thursday Spyros will talk about Chapter 7 and 8.

What about Wednesday? I don't know. Send Ole B an e-mail about topics you would like to discuss.

6. juni 2016 08:31

You have hopefully recieved an e-mail about the talk we need to have about the projects. Please fill in the Doodle.

6. juni 2016 08:28

Anette Gunnæs will do TEM exercises and stuff with you. If you have anything you want her to talk about, please send her an e-mail.

31. mai 2016 10:32

I'm not sure what to do. We can look at questions 1 and 2 from 2010 and/or look at 2015. I will probably do something on diffraction.

31. mai 2016 10:30

I have put the solution suggestion for the 2015 exam together with the old exam texts on our server. Only in Norwegian, I'm afraid.

31. mai 2016 10:26

We will also go through Oppgave 2 in the exam set of 2008.

25. mai 2016 15:47