Semesterside for MENA3100 - Vår 2018

We have not got any spesific student request for today, but Ole Bjørn and Anette will be present in Agora in Forskningsparken today to answer questions.

30. mai 2018 09:03

The lecture hall where we have been having lectures is no longer available.

The new location for repetition/solving old exam question will be in the project room Agora. The room is located in our lab in Forskningsparken close to the toilets down the FASE corridor. If you can't find it, go to the coffee room and we'll bring you there.

We will continue with reciprocal space and relate it to electron diffraction and indexing of SAD patterns. We will look at exercise 5 from 2012 as a starting point. 

We have also got a suggestion to have a look at the exercises listed below and will try to go through some of them:           

2016:  Exercise 5
2014:  Exercise 3
2015:  Exercise 2
2013:   Exercise (just part d and e) (prob. exercise 1)


22. mai 2018 16:50

We will continue with the repetition the coming week on Wed. 14-16.

We might have to move to another location/room and will inform you if that is the case.



18. mai 2018 18:47

The pictures have been uploaded to our server area.

11. mai 2018 12:11

The report for the SEM lab 1 should be e-mailed to Sissel Jørgensen.

Data for the SrFeMo-oxide has been uploaded to the laboratory exercises folder, this should be sufficient information to answer pre-lab question 4 and in-lab question 7, 11 and 12.

4. mai 2018 14:01

9/5: XPS exercise is planned to take place in Wilhelms Bjerkes hus, Aud. 3.

16/5: Repetition lecture.

Please enter your wishes for the repetition using code: 820035.

If there is a need/wish for additional repletion lecture/exercises we'll find time for that.



2. mai 2018 11:54

We have to cancel the teaching today.

Use the time to get prepared for tomorrows (3/5) lecture on XPS (Chapter 7) !



2. mai 2018 11:26

Meet up for both Hitachi demonstration and exercises:

Chemistry department, outside the closed door close to the XRD lab (straight a head from main entrance in the Chemistry building).

Pick up at 10.10.

We do one-hour SEM demonstration paralleled with one-hour exam questions and then we swap.

If you are in the second group and just want the demonstration we will look for you at 11.10.

SEM questions from exams: 2017,2016 and 2015

25. apr. 2018 17:28

Be aware, there is no SEM lab on 27/4, 1/5 and 2/5. The last SEM lab will according to the schedule be held on the 4th, 7th and 8th of May.

24. apr. 2018 16:40


Both labs will take place in Forskningsparken.
The first lab will be supervised by Linn Katinka Emhjellen (FASE), the 2nd part, starting next week, will take place on the tabletop SEM (SF) supervised by Ole Bjørn.  Meet up by the coffee machine as before.

Wed. and Thursday next week:

There will be parallel sessions  solving SEM related exam questions and demonstration of Hitachi SEM

Meet up: Chemistry department, outside the closed door close to the XRD lab (straight a head from main entrance in the Chemistry building).

You will be divided i 4 groups for the Hitachi demonstration:(Group 5 will split on Gr. 1-4). The time schedule for the demo is:

Gr. 1 :  Wed.   14-15
Gr. 2 :  Wed.&nbsp...

20. apr. 2018 08:56