Semesterside for FYS-KJM4710 - Høst 2017

.... can be found here.

A written report must be delivered within tuesday november 14.

Please note that there will be NO lecture wednesday november 1. 

The updated lecture on dosimetry methods has been uploaded and is available in "Timeplan".

31. okt. 2017 13:23

We will discuss Monte Carlo simulations and the upcoming mandatory exercise. It is expected that you install the Monte Carlo code EGSnrc on your computer. See the installation guide here, or look at an alternative Norwegian or English version. You will get instructions on how to use the code in the lecture. See also the "timeplan" for lecture notes.

30. okt. 2017 21:56

The "timeplan" (course schedule) is now updated, inclduing references to chapters in the textbook. Please note that the schedule may change during the semester.

23. aug. 2017 09:24

The syllabus may be found here.

22. aug. 2017 08:58

First lecture will be on tuesday 22nd at 10:15, room KV346. Looking forward to seeing you all there. 

21. aug. 2017 13:10