Dette emnet er erstattet av FYS3400 – Kondenserte fasers fysikk.

The final examination in FYS3410 …

The final examination in FYS3410 is going to take place at the Micro- and Nanotechnology Laboratoty (MiNaLab) at the Gaustad-part of the UiO-campus. The street address to the MinaLab is Gaustadallen 23c, 0373 Oslo. The directions may be found, for instance, using a map at the UiO server: The reason for not having our examination in the Physics Building is because of a dificultty to book a room during the period when classes are not yet finished in other courses. The examination will take place at UiOs meeting room at the 3rd flour (entrance flour from the side of Gaustadalleen). You will be also offered a room where you may be when preparing your answer. Free hot drinks are going to be offered as a compensation to come to a new place.

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