Some updates about the course …

Some updates about the course and CERN visit

  • We finished the first part of Chapter 3 related to leptons. We went through properties of charged leptons and neutrinos: lepton quantum number and masses. We discussed some details related to neutrino oscillations: formalism, atmospheric & solar neutrinos, long base-line experiments at accelerators and reactors, neutrino mixing matrix. It is time to solve the problems related to that part of chapter 3.

  • On Thursday this week, we tackle quarks and hadrons; to be finished, including problems, next week.

  • If you have questions concerning problems in chapter 1 and appendix B, let me know which ones we should look at.

  • CERN visit: the link to the agenda is now available. More information will be added in the near future. The first day is already fully booked. IMPORTANT REMINDER: we try to cover flight+CERN hostel for students following the FYS3510 and FYS4560 courses. This includes delivery of compulsory assignments.

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