Semesterside for FYS3520 - Vår 2016

Here is the solutions for problem set 8, and 9

30. mai 2016 17:19

The problems for gamma decay can be found here. The solutions for the exercises in Krane ch. 8 is here.

23. mai 2016 10:08

There will be a trip to the Halden research reactor on Tuesday the 24th of May, let me know if you will join or not as soon as possible.

There is a train from Oslo S to Halden at 9:00 in the morning, so Vetle will meet you at 8:45 under the big clock where the tickets are sold.

We (UiO) will cover your train-ticket and Halden will provide baguettes for lunch. We will be back at Oslo S. between 16 and 17.

Remember to bring a photo ID.

18. mai 2016 09:55