Semesterside for FYS3520 - Vår 2017

Some practical information:

1) Unfortunately the lecture on the 3 of May will be cancelled,
we were almost through everything, so you get a little self-study instead.
There will be a group lesson on the 4th of May.

2) Here comes a detailed list of what is pensum and lesestoff in ch 11:

Pensum ch 11 is page 378 -423
except for pages 382-386 and ch 11.8 and ch 11.9.
within this ch 11.3, 11.5 and 11.11 self-study/lesestoff

3) The home exams are all corrected and can be picked up at the expedition office.

4) 18th of May will be a summary of the course lecture

5) 24th of May will be used for a synonyme game (a good exam training)

6) Week 8-12 May there is no lectures, but you are welcome to participate in the

28. apr. 2017 12:47

The midterm exam can be found here: midterm and should be handed in by 15:00 on friday 7th of April, either to the Physics ekspedisjonskontoret or by email to

The midterm is pass/fail and you need to pass to be able to take the final exam. 

24. mars 2017 12:52

There will be a trip to the Halden Research reactor on Thursday the 16th of March.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you will join, either by sending an email og signing the list during the lecture.

There is a train from Oslo S to Halden at 9:00 in the morning, so we will meet at 8:45 under the big clock where the tickets are sold.

We (UiO) will cover your train-ticket and Halden will provide baguettes for lunch. We will be back at Oslo S. between 16 and 17.

Remember to bring a photo ID.

8. mars 2017 10:38