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Semesterside for FYS3610 - Høst 2017

Dear all,

The superDARN quickplots are back, and even the interactive plotting tool!


27. nov. 2017 17:51

The plotting tools for the SuperDARN are currently not available, as you may know. I sent an e-mail to the people in charge and I will keep you updated.

In any case, if you don't have any SuperDARN plot, you can either :

- Solution 1: Ask your other student friends if they agree to give you some of their convection map figures.

- Solution 2: Use Figure 3 from the article below (from another day) and do as originally asked, i.e., explain how you expect the convection pattern to change with respect to changes in the solar wind.

You can find the figure here: Article

Note that a short description of SuperDARN is required in any case, and if you use Figure 3 from the article, you must cite

"Imber, S. M., S. E. Milan, and M. Lester (2013), Solar cycle variations in po...

25. nov. 2017 19:18

Dear all,

Please send your final project by e-mail to the student administrasjon ( with your "kandidatnummer" (not your names) and not directly to me.

You can deliver the project from Wednesday 29.11.2017 at 12:00.

Deadline is 01.12.2017 23:59:59.



24. nov. 2017 17:18

Dear Students,

1. This Friday, Per will give a short summary about the important points he went through during the semester.


2. ESTEC sent us polo shirts. This is very nice of them! I will bring the t-shirts tomorrow at 11:00 and you can pick one if you want. If you cannot make it tomorrow you can also come by my office sometime and get one.



22. nov. 2017 15:47