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Semesterside for FYS4560 - Vår 2013

Subject now chosen and outline approved by me.

Bibliography/material to use discussed with me.

Report (max 15 pages (12pt)  including everything - plots, tables, references, title page) to be sent per email by June 7.6 24:00 for master students and by Jun 13th 24:00 for phD students).

Presentation: 25 minutes, followed by questions by audience + examiners (up to 20 minutes). You can receive feed back to your slides if sent to me 2/3 days before exam.

Good luck. 

4. juni 2013 11:07
Some of you have not yet decided which final project to work on. This much be done by Thursday 16th. I expect from all of you a first draft of an outline that we discuss all together on Thursday. Feel free to contact me before and after.
Tomorrow, SUSY lecture session 2.
13. mai 2013 12:23

We will continue discussing the assignments of final projects. As already stressed the subjects discussed during the lecture (see Colloq slides) will be covered. Once the titles known, the students are asked to  propose an outline.    

29. apr. 2013 17:21