Syllabus/achievement requirements

Remote sensing

Texts for the remote sensing part of the course will be published during the first week of lectures.

Terrain analysis - mandatory texts

DeMers, Michael N.: Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems, 2005. Wiley. ISBN: 0-471-20491-9. Chapter 10.

Wilson and Gallant: Terrain Analysis: Principles and Applications, 2000. Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 0-471-32188-5. Chapter 3 (sections 3.1-3.2), Chapter 4 and Chapter 11.

Moore, Grayson & Ladson: Digital terrain modelling: A review of hydrological, geomorphological and biological applications, 1991. Hydrological Processes, 5: 3-30.

Evans, Ian S.: What do terrain statistics really mean?, 1998. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 0-471-96977-X. (Article in the Book "Landform monitoring, modelling and analysis" edited by Lane, Richards and Chandler).

Terrain analysis - optional texts (read one or more)

Kumar, Lalit, Andrew .K. Skidmore and Edmund Knowles: Modelling topographic variance in solar radiation in a GIS environment, 1997. International Journal of Geographical Information Systems. 4(3): p. 313-332. Fulltext.

Tarboton, David G.: A new method for the determination of flow directions and upslope areas in grid digital elevation models, 1997. Water Resources Research. 33(2): p. 309-319. Fulltext.

Deng, Yongxin, John P. Wilson and B. O. Bauer: DEM resolution dependencies of terrain attributes across a landscape, 2007. International Journal of Geographical Information Science. 21(2): p. 187-213. Fulltext.

Schneider, Bernard: Phenomenon-based Specification of the Digital Representation of Terrain Surfaces, 2001. Transactions in GIS. 5(1): p. 39–52. Fulltext.

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