Dette emnet er nedlagt

Semesterside for GEF2220 - Vår 2009

Midterm exam tomorrow: the exam will be in Room Cumulus, which is on the fourth floor of building 8 at Forskningspark 21 (the CIENS building, where we sit). Here is the schedule:

9:00 Mads Dessen

9:35 Anniken Mentzoni

10:10 Rafael Escobar Lovdahl

10:45 Henrik Grythe

11:20 Sigmund Guttu

11:55 Nina Martinsen

The exam will be a half hour long. If you don't know how to find us, or if you have a conflict with the schedule, contact me (

30. mars 2009 11:24

Class tomorrow from 10-12 in Auditorium I.

17. mars 2009 16:29

No class today. I'll be away at a meeting.

26. jan. 2009 12:59