Dette emnet er erstattet av GEO2320 – Oseanografi.

Semesterside for GEF2610 - Høst 2016

The class Monday 14 Nov. is cancelled because of a MetOs section seminar Mon-Tue.

13. nov. 2016 21:29


The second obligatory problem set can be downloaded here.

It is due Wednesday 16 November. That just gives you a little over a week to do it, so I urge you to first try it yourself and then meet (physically or virtually) to collaborate.

Both Marta and I can help answer questions.

8. nov. 2016 13:59

A copy of the midterm exam is found here and sample solutions are found here.

You could obtain 6 points for each problem, making up a total of 30 points. Marta and I have both gone through the answers and then agreed on grades. The grading scale used was: A: 85-100% (out of the 30 points), B: 70-85%, C: 55-70%, D: 40-55, E: 25-40%, F: below 25%.


24. okt. 2016 16:08