Dette emnet er erstattet av GEO2320 – Oseanografi.

Semesterside for GEF2610 - Høst 2017

Here's this year's mid-term exam and one set of possible solutions.



24. nov. 2017 18:03

Can be downloaded here.


24. nov. 2017 14:36

Hi all.

The lecture notes for the course are now updated. We won't make any more edits to them (other than maybe correct for typos).

You may be examined on everything that is in the lecture notes except for

  • what is put in the appendix on equatorial and high latitude flows
  • material which is put in boxes and labeled as "A little extra".

This Friday will be our last meeting. The entire session will be dedicated to Q&A, so bring any questions you may have. I'll also bring back your oblig 2 and the cruise reports.

Pål E.


23. nov. 2017 10:49