Dette emnet er erstattet av GEO3900 – Atmosfære hav dynamikk (nedlagt).

Semesterside for GEF3450 - Høst 2015

Hi all,

we'll have a last group session on Wednesday the 2nd of December. On Thursday you'll have a review session with Joe.


30. nov. 2015 13:07


I updated the recipe. Hope it works better now. If you don't find it useful, try to make one yourself as a prep for the exam.

here is a recipe for baroclinic conditions:

If anything is unclear, please let me know.


26. nov. 2015 15:06


I know most of you feel a bit lost in streamfunctions right now, so I have made two recipes for solving the barotropic and baroclinic QGPV equation. Here is the barotropic one:

I'll post the baroclinic one later today-


26. nov. 2015 11:41