Dette emnet er erstattet av GEO3900 – Atmosfære hav dynamikk (nedlagt).

Semesterside for GEF3450 - Høst 2017

I posted the exam from last year here on the webpage. Note that the sea surface height should increase across the stream in problem 1, not decrease.

13. des. 2017 10:12
Hi all,
I will hand out oblig 5 at forsknings parken at 13:00 tomorrow. We can meet by the tables outside Glasshallen 2. For those of you who can't make it, I can either send it by email or we schedule another time for you to collect it.
Good luck on your exam tomorrow:)
- Marta
10. des. 2017 17:59

Marta will have a group session on Friday, 10-12, in Glasshallen 2. You can deliver your problem sets then. If everyone delivers them, she can go over the problems---otherwise, she'll have to be a bit more vague...

6. des. 2017 14:28